Audio: I never said Patapaa rents clothes – Sunsum

Sunsum Ahuofe has been in the news lately because of a “supposed” comment he passed about Patapaa claiming that he borrows all his outfits(clothes) and so they are not his.

Patapaa and Sunsum

The news has spread like wildfire as bloggers and presenters have been talking about it. All till this time none of the parties have spoken.

Poleeno.com have been in touch with Sunsum Ahuofe to know what actually transpired between them and why those comments.

“I have never said that Patapaa rents clothes and that Patapaa is my very best friend”, Sunsum Ahuofe said.

He continued saying that he had not passed those comments and that bloggers and presenters are just making a news out of nothing and that they should desist from such practise.

“Patapaa and I are like brothers, we call each other regularly and we go for shows together” Sunsum stressed.

He further continued saying that he has been buying clothes with Patapaa in boutiques and that people wants to bring a rift between Patapaa and him.

On a lighter note, he accused DKB,(the man who took money to perform at Ebony’s tribute concert) to be the one who rent cloths for events.

He therefore edge fans of Patapaa to ignore this news as it has no basis.

listen to the audio below 

Watch Sunsum and Patapaa on Stage 

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