Video: Salinko advices Nana Addo over Menzgold issue

Popular Actor and Politician Oboy Salinko, in a recent video on his Facebook page has shared his thought on menzgold vrs Bank Of Ghana brouhaha. 

In a video which lasted for about 4 minutes he shared his sentiments and frustrations in the private sector especially “Bank of Ghana against Private Banks and Investment Companies”. 

Oboy Salinko who hasn’t been seen as emotional and heavyhearted like this before pleaded with the Government of Ghana to help settle issue between Bank of Ghana on one side and Menzgold on the other side amicably. 

He  stressed that people shouldn’t get it twisted and that they shouldn’t politicize the issue as he is a supporter of Nana Addo adding that he even campaigned for the president on Ghanaians giving him another term of office. 

“I might not know the amount of money that the banks who are part of the consolidated banks wield but I know the financial background of Nana Appiah Mensah and I know he can meet all conditions of Bank of Ghana and so why are some people denting his image”, Salinko said. 

This he said, after he thought that he is very certain that the Bankroller of Menzgold Ghana can meet any conditions of Bank of Ghana. He continued saying that, he believes that Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumiah are the right people who can explain this matter better than anybody. 

“In your campaign you promised to help develop private sector so why the numerous collapse of Private companies”, Salinko said. 

He further queried the President asking if there was any hidden agenda or motive behind the various attack of the private sector. 

The Actor and Politician further stressed on the fact that  the President and his cohorts should be mindful of the fact that actors and actress played an active role in his campaign and so he should at least listen to them on such matters. 

Oboy Salinko concluded saying that he has made his opinion and he doesn’t care if Ghanaians insults him because he will not talk about this issue again. 

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