Photos: Ghana arm wrestling champion Asoka GH now a movie actor

Real name, Derrick Adu Kwaakye but popularly known as Asoka Gh, the winner of Ghana Arm wrestling has taken arm wrestling and body building to a whole new different level.

The former champion of Ghana Arm Wrestling who doubles as a body builder and an actor has now entered into the movie scene and has taken it to a new level. Asoka Gh as he is popularly known on social media shot his first movie “Sola Scriptural” which was produced by Spyro Films.

Again, Asoka Gh is on set for his second movie. The new movie which has set social media ablaze with some few excerpts and pictures is one which many see as a revelation in the movie industry.

The movie titled “The Savior” is produced by the producer 3M. The movie features popular acts like Lil Wayne, Yaw Dabo, Akrobeto and is expected to be premiered very soon and so fans of Asoka Gh should be ready to have a bite of this master piece. See images of Asoka Gh as he features in new movie, “The Savior”.

pictures below:

Asoka GH and Yaw Dabo


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