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Video – Rev. Obofour’s powerful advice to celebrities on how to use fame positively!!!

Rev. Obofour, founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (A.P.C) has been the man of the moment lately as he has in recent times been on various media headlines for his unimaginable ways of giving out very expensive gifts such as luxury cars, cash and houses to people, including the needy.

In a recent video, the man of God explains how vital it is for affluent people like himself to be gifting people more often. According to Reverend, although it is a blessing for one to give priceless gifts, but not at the expense of the giver.

…you should know i already have enough to survive on for future, that’s why i can give out 13 cars a day and not worry about it… I’d rather save the little resources for myself other than donating the little and be begging for food afterwards… – Reverend Obofour advised.

Reverend went ahead to touch on the fact that every individual running an organization or church needs to have at least a 20-year plan for the future of the organization. According to him, a leader of an organization does not always have to be in the news, sometimes the publicity is only needed for a while to excel in life.

Actors and actresses, from Rev. Obofour’s perspective, have this advantage because they can use their fame to advertise any product to earn them some decent money, which any ordinary person cannot do.

Fame is very relevant in the world of business because without it, products will not sell…actors and actresses can even sell fried yam and make enough profit for the sake of their stardom…- Reverend elaborated.

Ending his talk on the beneficial ways to use of fame, Reverend made reference to why Jordan sneakers and TMT Rolex are still in high demand. He emphasized that NBA legend Michael Jordan and WBA champion Floyd Mayweather are the reason behind the utmost demand on the Jordan sneakers and TMT Rolex.

Watch the full video below:


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