Video: My b00b$ attract men to me… I regret not accepting Strongman’s proposal – Ellen Adade confesses

Poleeno Multimedia recently had information from reliable sources about a lady who had allegedly rejected the kingpin of Strong Empire, Strongman Burner’s proposal back in the days and now sharing her regretful story on social media.

The 23-year old lady by name Ellen Adade, in a one-on-one interrogation on Poleeno Multimedia disclosed that she admires her big boobs because they attract men. According to Ellen, she has dated up to 20 men, the reason being that the men only come for the sex and dump her after that. Yet she feels no shame about it because she also gets her needs in return.

From a list of musicians the interviewer mentioned including Strongman, Medikal, Sarkodie Kuami Eugene and others, Ellen pointed out that Strongman once proposed to her back in Senior High School, when she was at Elite College and Strongman was at T.I Amass in Kumasi.

According to Ellen, she gets hurt for rejecting Strongman back in the days but she would have given him another chance if he wasn’t with Nana Ama now.

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