Vivian Jill angrily blasts Emmanuel Addae after alleged accusation of sleeping with her son

Evangelist Addae has created a controversy on social media after allegedly accusing actress Vivian Jill Lawrence of sleeping with elder son to give birth to her last born Alfie.

In the video, the so-called Evangelist blames Vivian Jill’s husband’s absence from their baby’s christening on the fact that the baby isn’t his.

Vivian Jill has responded to the claim in a video which she disclaimed the alleged accusation.

“Even bitches don’t sleep with their poppies so… i was born and raised in a well-principled home… – Vivian Jill said.

According to Vivian, she is surprised at how a man of Evangelist Addae’s caliber can be so shallow-minded to come out with such accusation.

She added she has pity for Evangelist Addae’s children for the kind of abominable teachings they are learning at home.

Vivian Jill doesn’t mean to offend Evangelist Addae in any way, she only pleads that he learns treat any of such claims with some elderly reasoning before making such allegations.

Watch video here:

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