Video: I’m the best rapper in GH and i urgently need management – Abusuapanin Chiki

Abusuapanin Chiki happened to be on our radar this time and we could not wait to bring to you what he has for the air. It seems to be undoubted that Chiki is one rapper who never disappoints when it comes to freestyle rap.

In our interview with the MTN hitmaker finalist, Chiki made it known Obour was his inspiration to do music. According to Chiki, although he has still not reached his peak in his career, he believes time will tell. The statement that got much attention was when he said no other rapper can mask his career in Ghana.

It was surprising to hear that Chiki is not under any management and that he needs one.

…my name has gained much publicity so people think i’m under management… i’m making it clear to everyone that i have no management and i need one if it touches anyone’s heart. – Chiki said

Unlike some rappers, Chiki confirmed that he does not charge underground artistes who wish to feature him on their songs.

On Archipalago’s song “Megye” which has attracted more dislikes than likes on YouTube, Chiki opined that the song is not as bad as some people say it is, as far as one can dance to it. He added that Achipalago has his own reason for releasing that song.

Watch full interview here:

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