Video: Mmebusem is now ungrateful to me after Black Jesus in Ghana hit – Salinko

If you ask about what is currently taking over social media in Ghana and beyond, Mmebusem’s Black Jesus in Ghana comedy cannot be left out. Apparently, there have been claims that the whole brain behind Black Jesus in Ghana was fabricated by Mmebusem’s colleague actor Salinko.

It was on this issue that Poleeno Multimedia drew closer to Salinko himself to find out the truth from the horse’s own mouth. During the interview, Abraham Kofi Asuman Davis, known on screens as Salinko told Poleeno Multimedia that acting is more of a family trait because he was born with it.

In Salinko’s opinion, movie making in Ghana has not declined but the problem is with the publicity and how to effectively promote talents in Ghana. According to Salinko, the movie industry is getting more interesting because TV series are still in progress, like his “Boys Abre” series which shows on UTV every Saturday.

He elaborated that “Boys Abre” is not intended to mock Jesus but rather a way of getting people’s minds on Christ the Saviour, although in a comic way.

From Salinko, Mmebusem should humble himself for the production to push him far rather than the latter starting to feel all of himself after the Jesus in Ghana became a hit. He further explained that the Jesus in Ghana comedy will soon be archaic and people would soon look out for something different.

…the Jesus story will soon pass… we have more in the pipeline for Mmebusem but he will miss all the opportunities if he continues to be arrogant. – Salinko

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