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UG lady’s assault on boyfriend, here is a fact about assaults left untold

So one of Ghana’s disheartening headlines took waves yesterday and almost the entire populace (mostly ladies) are cheering up as if it is an achievement femininity has been craving for over the decades. It would be quite helpful if we all took a close look at how this country addresses cases of “assault” towards women and that of men.

It hasn’t been long that the Policeman unprofessionally assaulted a woman at the bank and the whole nation including “men” stood against it, together with many other assaults on women that have been spoken against in the time past. This uni lady mercilessly lashes his own boyfriend with slippers in the presence of her roomies, backed by military gang and some of our ladies are exhibiting more interest in the lady’s claim of cheating than her attack and disgrace towards the guy.

It is with no doubt that Ghanaians wouldn’t have shown any smiles if the headline was rather “guy assaults girlfriend for cheating on him”. How does this headline sound to you dear women? Let one video of a guy beating a woman pop up now and you will see all sorts of insults on men raining from all angles. The criticism is a great step to curbing the canker but should be void of partiality.

Our ladies should remember, that the fight against assaults is not a one-sided movement but rather for both genders. Yes, women are the most vulnerable, no two ways about that, but men would also be much grateful if assaults on them are addressed with equal strength and repulsion as would be done for women. No form of assault must be tolerated by society. Let us all do well to take a close look at this picture once more and ensure that the sword to cut assaults swings either way. PEACE!!!


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