Video: I will never play Maame Water role in a Movie again, Yes I didn’t kiss Sunsum – Vivian Jill Lawrence

Vivian Jill Lawrence sat for an exclusive one-on-one in the studio of Accra fm and it was a such an awesome interview.

vivian jill

During the onset of the chat, Vivian was asked whether she is feeble or strong in nature to which she said, her people may tag her badly for some of her roles but she is the cool type.

Vivian shared with us that, although there are several challenges in the movie industry, prayer keeps her moving.

On the subject of her humanitarian job, thus Jills Foundation, she expressed how passionate she and her team are about people who need help in the society.
“The idea came about three years ago”, she said.

“My team and I first get a location, then we go looking for single parents in the village. After that we approach the chief or assemblyman for permission to come and donate to the selected needy and we cover the whole screen on camera to be aired”. – Vivian Jill said.

Vivian Jill sadly pleaded with the masses to come and support the foundation in any little way they can, either in cash, clothes, medicine, etc.

Watch full interview below:

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